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online share trading in Canada

online share trading  : is to ask yourself whether you’re a lively and experienced trader or more of an off-the-cuff one. this may immediately narrow your choice right down to brokers that provide platforms adapted to your level of experience .

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To determine your level, consider the quantity of your time you propose to spend on trading. an off-the-cuff trader is one who usually buys or sells shares one to 2 times per month. Anything above which will qualify you for a lively trader who’s in need of a platform with a spread of trading tools, marketing research , and performance trackers. Some platforms have inactivity fees supported your trading activity, so casual traders should attempt to avoid those.

What about trading on the go? Is that important for you? If the solution is yes, find platforms or online brokers that have their own mobile apps. A word of recommendation though, don’t forget to see whether or not they include an additional fee for purchases made via mobile .

online share trading in Canada

Think about what you would like to trade, too. Is it only shares or are you curious about other securities, forex, stocks, and CFDs? does one want to stay to the Australian market or plan on trading internationally? Moreover, fees are a crucial criterium when choosing a trading platform or online broker. Many platforms have hidden commission fees, monthly charges, or inactivity fees. We mention these in our reviews also .

Benefits and Risks of Trading Shares

Trading shares on online platforms comes with many benefits but we can’t neglect the existent risks too.

online share trading  Benefits

  • It’s convenient.
  • Online trading practically requires zero legwork as you don’t need to leave your home or favorite cafe to trade shares.
  • It gives you control over your investments.
  • Trading platforms remind you that you’re responsible of your finances, and that they encourage you to trade wisely both locally and internationally.
  • It’s affordable.
  • These trading platforms are known for his or her low brokerage fees thanks to the competitive nature of the industry.


  • Beginners should be extra careful.
  • The fact that you simply have total power over your finances are often a mixed blessing. If you’re new share trading, or stock trading, you would possibly make some beginner mistakes and lose an excellent deal of cash .
  • It only takes a few of clicks to shop for or sell something, which may make people forget they’re handling real money.
  • It’s only human to form mistakes.
  • Always closely inspect your orders and double-check everything before you hit that send button.

Features to Review

  •  Ease of Use
  • To minimize the risks we mentioned, it’s really important to choose a user-friendly platform whose interface is deftly organized to form share trading as clear sailing as possible.
  • It should offer the essential trading tools to trace and answer market changes, without overwhelming the user.

online share trading  Fees

Online trading platforms and online brokers charge you a further brokerage fee for his or her services. Usually, this fee is added once you buy or sell shares, and it ranges from $8 to $30 per trade. For larger trades, the fee are often calculated as a percentage of the entire trade amount. Some platforms lower their fees the more active you’re . Others include subscription or inactivity fees if you haven’t placed an order for quite a year or didn’t reach their monthly trade limit.

Margin Loans

Margin loans, i.e. buying on margin is that the act of borrowing money from the web broker or trading platform to get shares. The trader only pays a percentage of the shares’ value and borrows the remainder . Those interested should check whether the platform they’re curious about offers margin loans or not.

Trading Options

Review the supported trading options for purchasing and selling shares like the choice to put stop/loss orders, market and limit orders, or making customizable orders also .


Look for platforms that accompany a set of tools for post-trade analysis and regulatory reporting for once you got to report back to the ATO at tax time. this may also assist you monitor your trading performance over time.

Customer Support

The reliability of a platform is additionally seen through the responsiveness of its support team. Check how satisfactory they’re by reading online customer reviews. the simplest platforms are those that not only respond via email to support tickets but even have a 24/7 live online chat or active telephone line for urgent queries.

Knowledge-Base to assist You start

Some platforms include extensive educational resources like trading guides, ebooks, video material, weekly webinars, or maybe occasional live sessions to assist you’re taking your trading to new heights.


The security methods employed by the platform speak volumes on how important the security of their customers’ funds is to them.